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30+ Years of Experience

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BidOppo was created by Career Professionals with over 30 years’ experience in Federal Contracting and developing successful Government Sales Programs. From a sales perspective, our management team has managed successful programs for Fortune 100 companies as well as hundreds of small businesses. From a contract perspective, our team has been capturing contracts on behalf of our clients as far back as 1990.

Our experience shows that the primary reason for a company’s failure in government contracting is a lack of focus and investment to provide ongoing effort and expertise to continually seek out opportunities, provide competent response, and manage the contracts they are awarded.

As a result, BidOppo was created as a means by which companies have access to the expertise they require, normally at a fraction of the cost they would incur if internalized. We are unique, agile, and tenacious. At BidOppo, the primary mission is to make your company successful, and to increase your Government Sales.

BidOppo is more than a simple way to search for government contracts. It’s a personalized, effective bidding system that gives you an all-in-one, comprehensive bidding service.

More Government Contracts. Less Wasted Time.

BidOppo helps you find more bid opportunities that are personalized to your organization's needs, without spending extra time, resources, or staff to find them.

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