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Track & Approve Bids Quickly & Easily

Bid Tracker is an intuitive program that lets you access an online portal to review any relevant opportunities that your Bid Manager has found. You can share, approve, or pass on any of the opportunities presented. You gain access to all the following with our program: 

  • A copy of all bid documents and amendments
  • Any and all comments made by persons authorized to view
  • Bid Characteristics (RFQ, RFP, Sources Sought, Set-Aside, Special Notices)
  • Solicitation identifying Number
  • Bid Close Suspense Date
  • Identification of Contracting Persons with contact information such as name, email, telephone
  • Approve/Pass to move to Bid, if pass the stated reason for pass automatically updates search criteria.

Save Hours Each Month with

Personalized Bids


Assigned Bid Manager

Your Bid Manager is highly trained in search techniques as well as finding those opportunities that are relevant to a specific search protocol. Each day, the assigned Bid Manager will search through multiple government and commercial databases, seeking out opportunities that meet with the customized search criteria we have developed with our client. The Bid Manager will personally review each bid and will post only those that are relevant for the client to review. This action saves the client dozens of man-hours each month in seeking out only those opportunities relevant to what they sell or provide. Your assigned Bid Manager is a resource available to you for any questions or clarifications you may have on bidding, changes to your search protocols, or to add optional services for a specific buy.


Email Notifications

In the online customized tracker, the client is notified via email every time an opportunity is uploaded commented on, or when a change has occurred. This allows you to keep close tabs on what is happening with each opportunity through each active member of your team. You also receive notifications on and copies of all bid documents and amendments as they occur. Additionally, we can customize your program so that each email sent back and forth to team members is memorialized within the system. These emails are then able to be seen directly, or can be downloaded in CSV/Excel format.


Online Coordination Center

Our portal can be used as a coordination center to work with others you have given access to (supervisors, business partners, sub-contractors) so that you can not only share the solicitation, but also the bid response as it is written internally by your organization. Following submittal, bid documents can also be held in our repository for safekeeping during the entire time you remain a client. All information is available at any time for download into your system, whether it be bid files or summary information.


Add-On Professional Services

Professional services are available at an additional price. These can include:

  • Contract Consulting
  • SAM Registration
  • Proposal Writing
  • Bid Management
  • Discussions/Questions to Contacting Personnel
  • Contract Management
  • Research

More Government Contracts. Less Wasted Time.

BidOppo helps you find more bid opportunities that are personalized to your organization's needs, without spending extra time, resources, or staff to find them.

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