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Success Stories

"We hired BidOppo for SAM registration, as well as Bid Tracker for Transportation bids. BidOppo quickly registered our company with SAM, and got us set up to review opportunities with all major federal agencies. We won our first contract within 45 days and continue to add on routes for government shipments. Their team has assisted us at every step. Highly Recommend!"

George - Vice President "The Wider Group"

"As the Director of National Accounts, we signed up for the Bid Desk program in July. They set up a complete program where they searched for relevent bids and provided an online portal where I could sign in, review and approve/pass on bids. Once Approved, their team developed the proposal, submitted the bids, and provided ongoing status to award. They made sure we were successful even working on weekends to ensure last minute bids were handled properly Great Company!."

Dave - Northeast Security Company

"We started with the BidOppo Bid Desk Program back in December and recieved our first contract that month. Under this system, their team identifies the opportunities, works with our vendors on pricing, writes the proposals, tracks the bid to award. Just last week, we received a Blanket Purchase Agreement for $250,000.00"

Buster - Midwest Services Supplier

More Government Contracts. Less Wasted Time.

BidOppo helps you find more bid opportunities that are personalized to your organization's needs, without spending extra time, resources, or staff to find them.

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